CWU welcomes delegations from universities, government agencies, research institutions, industries, and other organizations to collaborate with its faculty, administrators, and staff on developing new or strengthening existing global partnerships.  For planning processes, visiting delegates are expected to inquire and show interest of visit 40 days prior anticipated visit. Delegates should provide a delegation guide and be fluent in English.

NB. Visitors will be responsible for organizing their travel arrangements and accommodation requirements, although our office would be delighted to assist with information and or recommendations on accommodation facilities in the country.

Visiting Scholars

CWU welcomes international scholars on research base or for teaching purposes, while creating room for its academic personnel to interact and exchange knowledge and ideas in academia.

GPSI staff members will be readily available to assist visiting scholars with information on travel plans and during the stay.

Applying to be a Visiting Scholar in CWU

Visiting scholars should attach the following documents and make note of the requirements when applying into CWU

  • Send a professional Resume
  • Research proposal with an explanation to why CWU would be a suitable institute for the project
  • Name of CWU Mentor and Faculty
  • Recommendation letter from an academic associate
  • Intended dates or period of visit
  • Provide reasons of interest to watch a particular course

NB: None native English-speaking visitors are required to provide relevant expertise and training certification in English proficiency.

Visa & Immigration Procedure

Our team assists visiting scholars with Visa immigration, health information, accommodation, and other important facts they need to know before arrival in North Cyprus. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office once you have confirmed all the requirements and decided to come to North Cyprus.

CWU Members

CWU faculty members and officials interested in exploring intra-institutional collaborations with international partners are welcome to indicate their interest and submit applications to the GPSI office.


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