Current Global Strategic Plan

Concurrent with the global development initiatives and CWU strategic Plans, GPSI current plans are:

  1. To enhance students’ mobility through internships and study tours
  2. To introduce and implement various scholarships within the school and through student exchange programs
  3. To increase and enhance CWU’s networking via formation of partnerships, memberships and collaborations
  4. To develop and improve our academic research partnerships
  5. To establish international study programs (Dual/Joint degrees)
  6. To strengthen CWU’s global reach and networks

Strategic Initiatives

In order to achieve CWU’ strategic goals, GPIS’ endeavours to:

  1. Help CWU manifest globally recognized excellence.
  2. Increase university visibility on the international market
  3. Develop, nurture and mature the university into an institute of Influence
  4. Strengthen CWU’s Educational Process and Operational Systems
  5. Launch SMART innovative projects toward the development of the university
  6. Source fundings: help university faculties with advanced technology, career development, leadership training and learning research.