Student Exchange Programs

GPSI creates a study environment supportive of exceptional student experiences. Student exchange programs is one way considered suitable to create such opportunities. CWU, student exchange programs will facilitate the incoming and extant university students. Exchange program excellence will be achieved through offering students a personalized educational service and mentoring.

Global Opportunities & Internships

CWU students have access to numerous opportunities for learning abroad, intercultural experiences on campus and access to internship programs.

Programs Abroad

Programs abroad range from short term summer school programs, student exchange, joint research/conferences, internships, Joint/Dual degree, intensive language programs and community-based learning opportunities

Dual/Joint Degrees

CWU offers dual/joint degree programs which help students meet their career interests. Interested students should apply and be admitted to each department of the universities and then work with their respective advisors to develop an academic plan.

Incoming Students

Be part of a welcoming community of people from all over the globe

CWU welcomes international students from pronounced universities around the world.  We have a wide range of services for undergraduate and postgraduate prospective students. CWU offers accredited academic programs, boasts excellent high-quality services and conducive warm educational environment. Contact with our International Office   for admission and/or further information.

CWU Students

Committed to bringing the world to CWU.

GPSI helps students access opportunities to study and research abroad with reputable universities. A variety of programs such as Student exchange, Joint/Dual degrees will be availed to interested CWU students. While, internship programs will be offered to graduating students.

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